James Heneghan

Senior Vice President Agribusiness

We found the following information about James Heneghan at Gro Intelligence, where the professional has worked as a Senior Vice President Agribusiness since 2018. James's total work experience is over 27 years, during which time this professional had at least nine jobs at different places to develop professional skills. James studied at the Columbia Business School from 2008 to 2009. Currently, James Heneghan lives in New York, New York. You can contact with James by searching for phone or email address or find full info by requesting access to this professional's further details.
Name variants:
Jaymes Heneghan, Jaimes Heneghan, Jim Heneghan, Jimmy Heneghan, Jimmie Heneghan, Jamie Heneghan, Jem Heneghan

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 27, 2022
New York, NY


Senior Vice President Agribusiness

New York, NY



Work History

Senior Vice President Agribusiness

12 east 49Th St, New York, NY 10017
from Jun 2018

Managing Director

Stamford, CT
Freepoint Commodities is a physical commodity merchant based in Stamford, CT. Private equity funds managed by Stone Point Capital provided the initial equity for the company, which was found...
Jul 2016 — May 2018

Global Business Manager, Grains, Oilseeds, Sugar

601 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022
Aug 2013 — Apr 2016

Executive Vice President, Term Commodities Inc

In charge of Louis Dreyfus wholly owned futures execution and clearing division
Jul 2006 — Jul 2013

Director, Risk Management and Otc Trading

In charge of Risk Management and Over the Counter Trading Group
May 2003 — Jul 2013

Owner and Managing Partner

Owner and Managing Partner of an upstate New York farming business 12 farms comprising 2,500 acres Crops produced: Organic Corn and Soybeans, Conventional Corn and Soybeans, and Wheat
from Sep 2007

Senior Trader, China Oilseeds Division

Apr 2002 — Apr 2003

Senior Trader, Asia Oilseeds Division

Jul 2001 — Mar 2002

Trader, Oilseeds Division

Jul 1998 — Jun 2001


2008 — 2009
1997 — 1997
1990 — 1994


Senior Vice President
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Chief Executive
Accounting Bookkeeper
Corporate Executive


Member Chicago Board of Trade
Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange