Tim Lavictoire

Director - Sales, Marketing and Business Development

We found the following information about Tim Lavictoire at FileVision, where this expert has worked as a Director - Sales & Business Development since 2009. Tim's total work experience is over ten years, during which time Tim had at least four jobs at different places to develop skills. Tim studied at the University of Michigan from 1970 to 1976. Currently, Tim Lavictoire is located in Salem, South Carolina. You can contact with Tim by searching for phone or email address or get exhaustive information by requesting access to this person's additional details from SoftwareOfficial.
Name variants:
Timothy Lavictoire

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 6, 2022
Salem, SC


Director - Sales & Business Development

Work History

Director - Sales & Business Development

Responsible for North American revenue generation for direct and indirect sales. High impact Information Relationship Management solutions integrating documents, data, people and processes....
from 2009

Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Global, project-based custom software development company
Jun 2008 — Dec 2008

Senior Account Executive

2007 — Apr 2008

Account Executive

Technical, Management and Sales positions focusing on transaction document management
May 1998 — Jul 2007


Sep 1970 — May 1976


IT Professional
Computer Software Professional
Software Engineer
Operations Manager
Software Developers


Account Management
Business Development
Pre Sales
New Business Development
Enterprise Software
Solution Selling
Professional Services
Direct Sales
Sales Process
Sales Management
Cloud Computing
Business Intelligence
Strategic Partnerships
Business Analysis
Lead Generation
Start Ups
Channel Partners
Business Alliances
International Sales
Software As A Service
Sales Operations
Product Marketing
Product Management
Go To Market Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Software Industry

FAQs about Tim Lavictoire

What is the main profession of Tim Lavictoire?

This professional's job is Director - Sales, Marketing and Business Development

What jobs is Tim proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Executive and Director jobs.

Where does Tim Lavictoire currently live?

Salem, South Carolina is the place where Tim Lavictoire currently lives

Where did Tim Lavictoire work?

Tim worked at FileVision, Ideal Software, Inc.

Where has Tim Lavictoire studied?

Tim studied at the University of Michigan from 1970 to 1976.

What is the industry that Tim Lavictoire is connected to?

This person works in Computer Software industry.

Are there any skills, that Tim Lavictoire has?

Tim Lavictoire has the following skills: Account Management, Business Development, Pre Sales, New Business Development, Enterprise Software, Solution Selling, Saas, and Salesforce.com.