Susan Kleitch

Hospital & Health Care

We found the following information about Susan Kleitch at Sparrow Health System, where this professional has worked as a Administrative Director of Neuroscience since 2005. Susan's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time this professional had at least four jobs at different places to develop skills. Susan studied at the Northwood University from 1996 to 1999. Currently, Susan lives in Lansing, Michigan. You can contact with Susan by looking for phone number or email or find full info by requesting access to this professional's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Susanna Kleitch, Susannah Kleitch, Susanne Kleitch, Suzanne Kleitch, Sue Kleitch, Susie Kleitch, Susi Kleitch, Susy Kleitch, Suzie Kleitch, Suzy Kleitch, Sukie Kleitch, Sarah Kleitch, Ann Kleitch, Anna Kleitch, Anne Kleitch, Annie Kleitch, Sukey Kleitch

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 21, 2022
su**, su**
Lansing, MI


Administrative Director of Neuroscience

Muir, MI


Health/Allied Services

Work History

Administrative Director of Neuroscience

1120 east Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48915
Provided leadership for the neuroscience service line. Coordinated efforts of all stakeholders including departments and physicians throughout the hospital, Michigan State University Depart...
2005 — Apr 2011

Neuroscience Services Manager

1120 east Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48915
Provided ongoing input into organizational strategic, operational, and capital plans. Monitored and evaluated data from multiple sources to support program development. Coordinated and prov...
Sep 1, 2002 — 2005

Financial Analyst of Rehab Service Line

1120 east Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48915
Prepared, interpreted and communicated financial and statistical information as it applied to the Rehabilitation Service Line. Responsibilities included preparing periodic reports and recomm...
Apr 1, 1999 — Sep 1, 2002

Coordinator of Occupational Health Services

1120 east Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48915
Provided oversight for the billing operations, assuring that pricing was correct, and taking care of billing problems. Produced required financial reports, analyzed them, and provided the ...
Feb 1, 1996 — Apr 1, 1999


Jan 1, 1996 — 1999
Jan 1, 1985 — 1989


Chief Administrative Officer
Health Specialist
Supporting Member
Hospital Care Professional
Chief Executive
Neurological Specialist
Team Member
Operations Manager
Health Professional
Health Practitioner


Strategic Planning and Business Forecasting
Financial Analysis
Budgeting and Expense Control
Market Analysis
Quality Improvement Oversight
Management of Physician Relationships
Team Building and Staff Management
Organized and Able To Balance Priorities

FAQs about Susan Kleitch

What is the main profession of Susan Kleitch?

The expert is a Hospital & Health Care.

What jobs is Susan proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Chief Administrative Officer.

Where does Susan Kleitch currently live?

Susan currently lives in Lansing, Michigan.

Does the expert have the email address?

su** and su** is Susan Kleitch's email address.

Where did Susan Kleitch work?

The professional worked at Sparrow Health System, Sparrow Health System.

What education does Susan Kleitch have?

Susan studied at the Northwood University from 1996 to 1999.

Are there any professional skills, that Susan Kleitch has?

This person has skills in the following areas: Strategic Planning and Business Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Expense Control, Market Analysis, and Quality Improvement Oversight.