Roberta Card

Consultant New Business Development, Marketing and Business Projects

Since 2005, Roberta Card has been working in iCAN, inc. This professional is an experienced Marketing Director/Consultant with over 26 years of work experience. According to Roberta's CV and work profile, Roberta has worked at more than eight places with numerous backgrounds and gained various skills. Roberta attended school at the Western Illinois University from 1980 to 1981. Roberta Card can be found in Lafayette, Indiana – where the professional is currently located. You can search for the person's email address and phone number. We can also provide you with exhaustive contact information upon request.
Name variants:
Robbie Card, Robby Card, Robin Card, Robyn Card, Bobbie Card, Bobby Card, Berta Card, Bertie Card

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Lafayette, IN


Marketing Director/Consultant

Work History

Marketing Director/Consultant

Contributed to outreach, awareness, sales pipeling, web content/enhancements, sales and communications collateral, strategy and growth plans, trade shows and client acquisition. Consulted to...
Jul 2005 — Feb 2006

Consultant or Marketing Manager/Director

Both 1099 and W2 projects between full time employment. Companies served: iCAN, Nexplicit (SAP ASR), Regal International (new business development) , Stellans Inc.( WiFi tech solutions), S...
Apr 1993 — Feb 2006

Marketing Manager/Consulting Project

Successfully completed marketing and pre-sales strategies with SAP Authorized Solutions Provider/Reseller in entertainment market. Worked with SAP corporate to enhance market introduction, ...
Jan 2005 — Apr 2005

Director, Marketing and Communications

Engaged to direct company startup for marketing strategies for this DotCom in Shipping Services. Worked across corporation for product and market launch success. Developed a budget to laun...
Feb 2000 — Jun 2000

Sr. Product Manager, Americas

Drove new product direction in Americas for this off-shore corporation, now relocated in US as Accentsoft. Stepped in for Marketing Director role later in post, as well. Successfully mains...
1996 — 1997

Sr. Manager Online

Led and launched corporate-wide Internet Project to website and a multimillion dollar new revenue channel. 200% over goal results and corporate overhead savings in sales return merchandise ...
Apr 1995 — Jun 1996

Market Planner, Membership Marketing

Successfully managed campaign projects for Acquisition (Employee of Month, Award best of year) and Retention groups. Ran technical and marketing projects for online and off-line content, pr...
Oct 1987 — Jan 1993

Vice President

Successfullygrew a co-founded entrepreneurship in video software rentals and sales from one store to five. Expanded business with interstate in-store marketing and services. Managed marke...
Oct 1983 — Jan 1987



Marketing Director
Advertising Professional
Marketing Manager
Marketing Administrator
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Home Contractor
Independent Contractor
Chief Executive
Advertising Sales Agent
Operations Manager
Accounting Bookkeeper
Construction Specialist
Construction Laborer
Independent Business Owners

FAQs about Roberta Card

What is the main profession of Roberta Card?

The expert is a Consultant New Business Development, Marketing and Business Projects.

What jobs is Roberta Card proficient at at?

Roberta is proficient at Counselor jobs.

Where does Roberta Card currently live?

Roberta Card currently lives in Lafayette, Indiana.

How many companies did Roberta Card work at?

The professional worked at eight jobs.

Does Roberta Card have personal webpage or blog?

The professional`s website is,, and

Where has Roberta Card studied?

Roberta studied at the Western Illinois University from 1980 to 1981.

What is professional industry that Roberta Card worked in?

Roberta works in Marketing and Advertising industry.