Janice M Sachs

Owner and Sole Proprietor

We found the following information about Janice M Sachs at City of Baltimore, where this expert has worked as a Operations Assistant Iii and Payroll Manager since 2017. Janice's total work experience is over 27 years, during which time Janice had at least six jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Janice studied at the Community College of Baltimore County from 1972 to 2006. Janice currently is located in Baltimore, Maryland. You can contact with Janice by looking for phone number or email address or find full info by requesting access to their additional details.
Name variants:
Janis Sachs, Jenice Sachs, Jan Sachs

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Baltimore, MD


Operations Assistant Iii and Payroll Manager

Saint Leonard, MD


Museum/Art Gallery

Work History

Operations Assistant Iii and Payroll Manager

100 north Holliday St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Manage 3 clerical staff agency payroll manager for 4 divisions, reviewing and electronically approving 150+ timecards on a biweekly basis produce statistical and fiscal analysis/reports o...
from Oct 2017

Owner and Sole Proprietor

Hand-crafted pewter bookmarks and holiday jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals. Orioles/Ravens jewelry (other teams by request), gemstone and "everyday" jewelry. Earring components are nicke...
from Jan 2010

Head Clerk and Clerk Ii and Office Assistant Iii and Word Processing Operator Iii

100 north Holliday St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Worked at the Dept of Recreation and Parks Construction Division doing basic office work, per diem and biweekly payrolls, procurement work, reports, budget preparation, and correspondence. S...
Feb 1979 — Nov 2000

Owner and Sole Proprietor

Resumes, business cards, desktop publishing projects, wedding announcements/invitations, medical transcription, and once produced an entire cookbook for the Older Women's League using WordPe...
from Jan 1995

Operations Assistant Iii and Payroll, Audit and Recap Specialist

Agency payroll clerk for 4 divisions, record exception time and electronically approve 150+ timecards on a biweekly basis produce statistical and fiscal analysis/reports on a biweekly basi...
from Feb 1979

Cosmetician and Head Cashier and Pharmacy Assistant

Head cashier before registers went electronic (ours could be hand-cranked in the event of a power outage) ran cosmetics, health and beauty aids, and greeting card departments, which includ...
1971 — 1977


Independent Contractor
Payroll Administrator
HR Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Government Official
Government Administration Professional
Independent Business Owners
Chief Executive
Payroll Supervisor
Compensations and Benefits
Community Service Manager


Local Government
Microsoft Office
Workforce Development
Human Resources
Supervisory Skills
Supervisory Experience
Disciplinary Action
System Administration
Payroll Manager
Enterprise Etime
Biometric Timeclock Administration
Adp Payroll
Microsoft Dynamics
Employee Training
Graphic Design
Computer Proficiency
Transcription Services
Resume Writing
Handmade Jewelry
Small Business Owner
Customer Satisfaction
Administrative Assistance
Microsoft Outlook
Data Entry
Office Administration

FAQs about Janice M Sachs

What is the main profession of Janice M Sachs?

This professional's job is Owner and Sole Proprietor

What are the profession of Janice?

These person's professions are Independent Contractor

Where does Janice M Sachs live?

They lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Where did Janice M Sachs work?

The professional worked at City of Baltimore, Js Crystal Designs.

Where has Janice M Sachs studied?

Janice studied at the Community College of Baltimore County from 1972 to 2006.

What languages does Janice M Sachs speak?

Janice M Sachs speaks French.

Are there any industries Janice M Sachs is connected to?

This professional works in Government Administration industry.

What are the skills of Janice M Sachs?

This person has such skills as Policy, Local Government, Microsoft Office, Workforce Development, Payroll, Human Resources, Budgets, Government, Supervisory Skills, and Supervisory Experience.