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eBooks : Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup

Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup
608 pages | Feb 19, 2022 |ISBN:0470105259 | PDF | 6.5 Mb

Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup is the authoritative sourcebook on chemical reactors. This new Second Edition consolidates the latest information on current optimization and scaleup methodologies, numerical methods, and biochemical and polymer reactions. It provides the comprehensive tools and information to help readers design and specify chemical reactors confidently, with state-of-the-art skills.
eBooks : Ariosti - The Stockholm Sonatas Vol. 3 - Georgi, Harris, Brinkmann, Kirkby (2009)

Ariosti - The Stockholm Sonatas Vol. 3 - Georgi, Harris, Brinkmann, Kirkby (2009)
EAC rip | FLAC + .cue, log-file | Scans | Rar 3% rec. | 337 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: BIS
eBooks : Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment
646 pages | Feb 19, 2022 |ISBN: 0471243604 | PDF | 6.5 Mb

Complete with end-of-chapter summaries and conclusions, Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Evaluating Improvements in National Water Quality is an essential book for engineers, scientists, regulators, and consultants involved in water quality management and wastewater treatment, as well as students of environmental engineering, environmental science, and public policy.
eBooks : Advances Electronics And Electron Physics, Volume 15

Advances Electronics And Electron Physics, Volume 15

1961 | 412 | ISBN: 0120145154 | PDF | 21 Mb

A few months ago when writing the Preface to our Volume XIV I announced that the material was too ample for inclusion in a single volume and that we would have to split it into Volumes XIV and XV. This circumstance explains the rapid publication of our new volume since the material was available soon after the publication of our preceding one....
eBooks : Tectonic Faults: Agents of Change on a Dynamic Earth

Tectonic Faults: Agents of Change on a Dynamic Earth

2007 | 460 | ISBN: 0262083620 | PDF | 13 Mb

Tectonic faults are sites of localized motion, both at the Earth's surface and within its dynamic interior. Faulting is directly linked to a wide range of global phenomena, including long-term climate change and the evolution of hominids, the opening and closure of oceans, and the rise and fall of mountain ranges. In Tectonic Faults, scientists from a variety of disciplines explore the connections between faulting and the processes of the Earth's atmosphere, surface, and interior. They consider faults and faulting from many different vantage points-including those of surface analysts, geochemists, material scientists, and physicists-and in all scales, from seismic fault slip to moving tectonic plates. They address basic issues, including the imaging of faults from Earth's surface to the base of the lithosphere and deeper, the structure and rheology of fault rocks, and the role of fluids and melt on the physical properties of deforming rock. They suggest strategies for understanding the interaction of faulting with topography and climate, predicting fault behavior, and interpreting the impacts on the rock record and the human environment. Using an Earth Systems approach, Tectonic Faults provides a new understanding of feedback between faulting and Earth's atmospheric, surface, and interior processes, and recommends new approaches for advancing knowledge of tectonic faults as an integral part of our dynamic planet....
eBooks : Insect Pest Management

Insect Pest Management

2000 | 410 | ISBN: 0851993400 | PDF | 3 Mb

0851993419The first edition of this book, published in 1991, was well-received as an upper-level undergraduate textbook for courses in agricultural entomology and pest management. Since the publication of the first edition, many new advances have taken place in the subject, and these have been incorporated into the new version. The content has been updated throughout to provide balanced, comprehensive coverage. ...
eBooks : Death and the Author: How D. H. Lawrence Died, and Was Remembered

Death and the Author: How D. H. Lawrence Died, and Was Remembered

2008 | 304 | ISBN: 0199546657 | PDF | 2 Mb

At the heart of Death and the Author is a dramatic account of D. H. Lawrence's desperate struggle against tuberculosis during his last days, and of certain, often bizarre events which followed his death. Around this narrative David Ellis offers a series of reflections about what it is like to have a disease for which there is no cure, the appeal of alternative medicine, the temptation of suicide for the terminally ill, the diminishing role of religion in modern life, the institution of famous last words, the consequences of dying intestate, and so on. These are clearly not the most immediately appealing of topics but they have an obvious significance for everyone and the treatment of them here is by no means lugubrious (even if, in the nature of the case, most of the jokes fall into the category of gallows humor). Lawrence is the main focus throughout but there are extended references to a number of other famous literary consumptives such as Keats, Katherine Mansfield, Kafka, Chekhov or George Orwell. Not a long book, Death and the author is divided into three parts called "Dying," "Death" and "Remembrance" and is made up of twenty-two short sections. Although it incorporates a good deal of original material, the annotation has been kept deliberately light. The aim has been to combine the drama of events-a good story-with a consideration of matters which must eventually concern us all, and to present the material in a lively and accessible form. ...
eBooks : Toshie: A Story of Village Life in Twentieth-Century Japan

Toshie: A Story of Village Life in Twentieth-Century Japan

2004 | 210 | ISBN: 0520240979 | PDF | 2 Mb

0520238532Sakaue Toshie was born on August 14, 1925, into a family of tenant farmers and day laborers in the hamlet of Kosugi. The world she entered was one of hard labor, poverty, dirt, disease, and frequent early death. By the 1970s, that rural world had changed almost beyond recognition. Toshie is the story of that extraordinary transformation as witnessed and experienced by Toshie herself. A sweeping social history of the Japanese countryside in its twentieth-century transition from "peasant" to "consumer" society, the book is also a richly textured account of the life of one village woman and her community caught up in the inexorable march of historical events. ...
eBooks : The Mellah of Marrakesh: Jewish and Muslim Space in Morocco's Red City

The Mellah of Marrakesh: Jewish and Muslim Space in Morocco's Red City

2007 | 224 | ISBN: 0253347912 | PDF | 15 Mb

0253218632Weaving together threads from Jewish history and Islamic urban studies, The Mellah of Marrakesh situates the history of what was once the largest Jewish quarter in the Arab world in its proper historical and geographical contexts. Although framed by coverage of both earlier and later periods, the book focuses on the late 19th century, a time when both the vibrancy of the mellah and the tenacity of longstanding patterns of inter-communal relations that took place within its walls were being severely tested. How local Jews and Muslims, as well as resident Europeans lived the big political, economic, and social changes of the pre- and early colonial periods is reconstructed in Emily Gottreich's vivid narrative....
eBooks : Investment Withholding Tax: Best Practice and Strategies for Intermediaries and Investors
Investment Withholding Tax: Best Practice and Strategies for Intermediaries and Investors

Investment Withholding Tax: Best Practice and Strategies for Intermediaries and Investors

2009 | 391 | ISBN: 0230221629 | PDF | 2 Mb

This work provides a clear and concise explanation of withholding tax and how to leverage best practice to generate improved investment performance. It gives practical guidance to financial services and investors to help them understand the issues involved, trends and practicalities of maximizing returns on investment....
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