About Us

Digitalcomp is a company 100% focused on the Internet and has been around 14 years back. In 1999 we established as a Company `firm, which has been converted into a limited company in 2007.The customer is our top priority. We are partner of the various hardware manufacturers such as Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc. Because we do not notice bound we can give you an independent opinion between the brands that we sell. This tells you that we are always with you to have the best.By staff to maintain long to have you always work with experienced representatives. All our staff are experts in the field of laptops. So please feel free to contact us, if you can not come. The choiceOur service and support has the same experience as our sales department. Do you want extra service is almost nothing too crazy. Ask about our DOA warranty, insurance, pixel warranty, on-site warranty, installations, etc.

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